lego collection

Lego has been a passion of mine since I was a little kid. My parents said it was the best toy they ever bought for me because of how often I played with them - and for how many hours at a time!

Now as an adult, I can afford to buy the big sets I could never even hope for as a kid. Mom and Dad were barely scraping by as it was. But they loved to see the joy that Lego brought me, and they bought what they could afford.

Even to this day, the 6824 Space Dart 1, one of the first sets I remember receiving, still holds a special place both in my heart and on my shelf.

Most recently, I put together the UCS Millennium Falcon (yes, the $800 one!). I had to build a coffee table - display case to put it in. You can see pictures and even download the plans by clicking the "Display Table" link.