God Speaks

Christian Wisdom from Star Wars

Yoda said Luminous are we, not this crude matter! Indeed our inner beings, our souls are luminous, if we are on the path to rightousness. We are to be a beacon of light to those who are of the world. We are in the world, but must be careful to not become of it.

Luke Skywalker: I don't believe it!
Yoda: That is why you fail.

Yoda said that anger, fear and hatred lead to the dark side of the force. In Christianity, these same things lead down the path to sin and death. He also warns about the dangers of emotions. While in reality, we are not restricted from certain emotions like the Jedi are, these emotions can get in the way of hearing God (and rational decision making).

Anakin Skywalker's mother said you can avoid change no more than you can stop the sun from setting.


I was watching an episode of Star Trek: Voyager and God spoke to me. The episode explored some of the theories of evolution. The crew had encountered a race of humanoid reptiles called "Saurians" and a scientist of this race was proclaiming that he had found evidence that their origins were on Earth. But the Saurian government refused to let him keep studying and telling about his findings on the basis that it went against their doctrine. (How many times has that happened in our own history?) He went on to say that the Saurians and Humans aboard Voyager shared forty-some genetic markers.

This is what the Lord has so eloquently said to me: When I watch those genetic scientists studying DNA in an effort to support their theory of evolution, I see people studying the pigments in an effort to understand what the painting means. I personally have believed that DNA, while it does serve as a building block for all life, also serves as a signature; all of the artists I know of sign their work.

Free Will or All-Knowing God? I say both

Lots of people ask the question If God knows what I'm going to do before I do it, then is free will a lie? Is every choice we make predetermined? These people put God in too small of a box. They believe that if they can't see past their next choice, then how can God? Free will is not a lie. We are free to choose what we want to do. God does not need to know which choice we make because he knows every possible outcome of any choice we make. That is the definition of omnicience - unlimited knowledge. If we are faced with a decision with two possible choices, God knows the outcomes of both choices. This renders the actual choice we make largely irrelevant to God. We just have to deal with the consequences of the choice we do make.