Firefox Tweaks

Every time Firefox updates, none of my visual add-ons were compatible. My favorite theme (Qute) was not available and, to make matters much worse, the icons were nearly invisible. I have my PC connected to my TV and its resolution is the full 1920x1080. However, I found some hacks that makes Firefox worth using again...

In about:config change the string value of


to 1.2

Praise God! I'm not going blind after all! I can actually see my icons!

Warning! Increment this value by 0.1 and test each new value. I cranked it up to 3.0 and nearly lost the ability to view anything but the menu bar. I had to hit F11 to go to full screen and view the about:config page line by line to change it back. You have been warned.

Firefox for Android - Prevent Hiding of Tabs and Address Bar When Scrolling:

Again in about:config, set

to false